Whilst we decided upon aims at the first meeting of the Trust in 1978, we have found it necessary to extend these aims more specifically, whilst maintaining the original intentions.

These further aims are now:

  • Ensure the continuation of management and technical expertise
  • Ensure the continued area co-ordination where present dedication and expertise is apparent
  • Seek further participation with other areas of similar interest in order to exhibit equipment for the interest of the public at large
  • Promote educational facilities more rigorously
  • Bring the Trust into a higher level of recognition by publicity, further exhibition venues and word of mouth
  • Say to anyone who shares the Trust’s aims – ‘Come and join us’
  • Organise events of common interest

The Magic of Cinema has been with us for the last 100 years. But from the 1960’s onwards. ‘Picture Palaces’ were being boarded-up, turned into Bingo halls, split into multiscreens or razed to the ground for redevelopment. Projection equipment was being thrown into skips or sold for scrap. It was these developments that led in 1978 to the formation of The Projected Picture Trust.