PPT Archive Catalogue

“The PPT has in it’s archive many Magazines/Periodicals, (which continues to grow).

PPT Magazine Holdings

Click on the link (above) for PPT’s (on line) Catalogue.

“This spreadsheet shows the PPT’s holdings of magazines/periodicals. The first
column gives the title of the publication, the second details the organisation
which published it (if known) and the third shows which issues we hold of the
magazine/periodical in question. For clarification of the latter section v =
volume, i = issue, e.g. v2i32 would indicate volume 2, issue 32.”

This section is primarily intended for researchers and members who
may wish to consult the materials listed herein. Please contact the archivist
with any such requests.”


“The following two documents list the Magazines/Periodicals for which we have duplicate
copies, and those magazines/periodicals we would be interested in obtaining
copies of.

Duplicate Mags

Magazines Wanted

If you have any magazines in our wanted list that you would be
willing to donate to the Trust, please contact the archivist. We are happy to
discuss trades for magazines in our duplicates list should you wish to obtain
any of these.”