The wanton destruction of projectors and other related professional film equipment prompted in 1978, a few like minded preservationists to form The Projected Picture Trust. The proposals were not only to locate the equipment being destroyed, but to renovate, preserve and exhibit it for the enjoyment of the public at large. In other words, these people wanted to preserve the magic of cinema.

The early days of the Trust were taken up collecting all aspects of the technical side of film projection and production. Storage became a major concern. We moved here there and everywhere with all this very heavy equipment until we found a home at Bletchley Park.

Sadly in 2015 we moved out of Bletchley Park. However we do have a Storage facility in Halifax, so no equipment or Exhibits are being lost.

We also have a strong presence at regional centres. The Trust is involved at the Wirral Museum, Birkenhead; (allthough the cinema club is now closed) ; and the Astra Cinema at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.

Regional co-ordinators throughout the UK hold regular meetings to ensure the continuity of information to all members. Ireland and EU countries are covered by our co-ordinator in Ireland and international countries are covered by our co-ordinator in Canada.

The Trust has an archive with a data bank of around 3,000 records covering everything from instruction manuals, drawings of projectors, lamphouses, amplifiers and installations to sales leaflets, newspaper clippings and photographs. The archive holds a number of video cassettes of PPT related television broadcasts.

As a voluntary organisation we rely on contributions from generous members and companies. The membership subscription mostly goes towards the publishing of Rewind, the Truth’s magazine. This magazine covers all aspects of the Trust’s work, and is of interest to non-technical members as well as those with a technical background.

What people say: “This is a fabulous organisation that look after, restore, document, display and educate people about, all the wonderful items of projection technology/equipment/manuals/photos etc. Professional and amateur equipment is equally relished.Kev Phelan: Cinema Treasures

The committee meets monthly. Workdays are on normally on Wednesdays.


 Old Bletchley Park Images. (Click on image to enlarge)